Khandokar Waste trade co. - where quality comes first

The focus of the quality policy of khandokar Waste trade Co. has been to provide products at a price and service advantage through direct response mechanism. In order to sustain the investments in the key technology area concerning our business, we at khandokar Waste trade Co. have made significant investment testing and quality assurance equipment from the best in the world in each of our production bases and also ensured a Company-wide standardization discipline. These are reinforced periodically through personal interactions between our filed representatives and consumers of our products.

Our Company’s Advance management team along with well-trained Quality Assurance team ensures the best quality of products to meet the international standard. The quality team follows some standardized international rules which are as follows: Fabric Inspection, Shorting, In line QC etc . Sometimes we do some third party quality inspection as per buyer requirment. The process of the quality teams are:

Fabric test

Trial Inspection

In line Process

Pre-final process

Final Process

We have also a GPQ team to ensure the work process of quality team. This is for why we are always maintaining the best quality for our friend’s (buyers) products.